We are proud to present a full catalog of product options that will suit people of all backgrounds. Whether you need a strong, fragrant candle to burn in your home, or a flameless product with the same great scent; a product that only gives off a subtle scent, or a flameless product that gives little to no scent but provides that same classic glow unique to our company – We’ve go the perfect solution for you.

  • Hearth Candle

    Hearth Candle

    The Warm Glow Hearth Candle is an excellent candle for any room in your home, office, or store. It's primitive, lumpy bumpy exterior and long lasting burn life is perfect for a standalone display, or grouped together in a shabby chic decor setting. Continue reading →
  • 3 Wick Candle

    3 Wick Candle

    The Warm Glow 3 Wick Candle is our largest candle product to date. It has our unique and primitive, lumpy bumpy exterior and has a long lasting burn time. This candle is a stunning centerpiece and will stand out at any dinner table! Continue reading →
  • Oversized Votive Candle

    Oversized Votive Candle

    The Oversized Votive Candle is an excellent accent to your home decor. Use this unique primitive candle in a group of three or more for a powerful statement, or pair with other items to accentuate your home or office. Continue reading →
  • 6-Pack Votive Candle

    6-Pack Votive Candle

    The 6-Pack Votive Candles are great accessories for home decor. Use them individually in votive cups, or as a large group in cups to make a memorable statement in your home! Continue reading →
  • Electric Candle

    Electric Candle

    The Electric Candles are excellent alternatives for flameless products. Sensitive to strong scents but enjoy a subtle fragrance? Can't burn a candle, but enjoy the glow our products provide? This product is for you! Continue reading →
  • Scent Chips

    Scent Chips

    The Warm Glow Scent Chips are a wonderfully fragrant flameless product that will liven up your room without the concern of burning a candle. Continue reading →
  • Atomizer Oils

    Atomizer Oils

    The Warm Glow Atomizer Oils are a versatile flameless product that can rejuvenate Electric Candles and Potpourri, and offer a wonderful scent to rooms when used in glass on hot plates or burners. Continue reading →
  • Jar Candles

    Jar Candles

    Warm Glow Jar Candles The Warm Glow Jar Candles produce the same great memorable scent in a convenient glass jar, for a contained fragrant burning experience! Available in: View our list of scent descriptions.
  • Travel Tins

    Travel Tins

    Take your Warm Glow Scents on the road! These 1" tall x 2.5" diameter candles come in metal tins with a resealable lid. Each set contains 12 re-sealable tins, 1” tall and 2.5” diameter. Sold in retail assortment with display box. Choose twelve scents: Apple Cinnamon, Baked Brown Sugar, Blueberry Cobbler, Caramel Coffee Cake, Caramel Corn, Cinnamon Bun, Creamy Vanilla Bean, Evening Mocha, Gingerbread Cookie, Homespun Harvest, Hot Apple Butter, Northern Pine, Nutmeg & Cream, Pumpkin Crumb Cake, Snickerdoodle Continue reading →
  • Air Fresheners

    Air Fresheners

    This popular product is the perfect fit for your vehicle - both attractive, and quite fragrant! Continue reading →
  • Candle Tins

    Candle Tins

    These tins are the perfect companions to accentuate our Hearth Candles and Oversized Votive Candles (also known as "mini-hearths"). Continue reading →
  • Glass Products

    Glass Products

    We offer a wide array of glass products. These versatile products look great with our Warm Glow Candles, our Warm Glow Rose Hips, or your own homemade decor ideas! Continue reading →
  • Scented Rose Hips

    Scented Rose Hips

    These attractive and fragrant flameless products are a great way to add color and great scents to your decor without the necessity of burning a candle! Continue reading →
  • Two Wick Loaves

    Two Wick Loaves

    Warm Glow Two Wick Loaves Approximately 2.5” high x 5.5” in width. Classic lumpy, bumpy exterior. Individually packaged in clear cellophane wrap, Warm Glow label, and jute tie. Available in: View our list of scent descriptions.