No More Wick? Here Are 5 Ways To Reuse Your Wax

No More Wick?  Here Are 5 Ways To Reuse Your Wax

In our experience of making and selling some of America’s most memorable candle products for the last 17 years, there’s one question that our customers always seem to ask – “Well, what do I do with my leftover wax?”  We understand that many times the wick is burnt all the way down and you are left with a hunk of wax.

There are several factors that play into how fast a candle burns through it’s wick, primarily dealing with air movement. It’s simply science: The more oxygen that moves towards the flame (without blowing it out), the faster the flame will burn. Some possibilities to take into consideration as to why your wick may be burning too fast:

  • Is the area around the candle heavily trafficked, such as busy hallways or near a door?
  • Is a fan blowing near the candle?
  • Is the candle placed near an air conditioner or vent?
  • Is there an open door or window near the candle?
  • Is a furnace running in the house?

“So, my candle wick is burnt out, and I have a pile of wax leftover that smells really good! But what do I do with it?” Here’s some of our favorite solutions.

Warm Glow Scent Chips

1.) Make Your Own Scent Chips

One of our favorite candle products is our scent chips, sold in almost every variety of scent we offer. However, when your candle’s wick is gone, you can make your own! Break the wax up into small chunks, about the size of a half dollar. Then use the scent chips in small hot plates or tart burners to provide that same wonderful fragrance in your room as a great flameless alternative.

pine cone wax

2.) Personal Potpourri

For the explorers out there who enjoy foraging in the forest (or a great activity for young kids!), we highly recommend making your own potpourri with leftover wax. Collect pine cones or spruce cones, acorns, walnuts, etc. to be used in your homemade art project. Melt your wax very slowly in a double boiler (click here for more info). Take turns dipping your items in the wax, or simply drizzle the wax over certain items. You can even add in greenery, cinnamon sticks, and other natural products from your local craft store. NOTE: take precautionary measures when heating wax over a stove. Wax may catch fire.


3.) Fireplace Or Campfire Candles

Many people enjoy having the soft fragrance of some of our products mixed with the warmth from a campfire or a fireplace. Try breaking up your leftover candle wax into larger chunks and spreading the pieces throughout your fire logs. Save some to add throughout the night, as the scent will continue to radiate!

Wax M

4.) Decorative Molds

For the craftier enthusiasts out there, we recommend making scented pieces for decorative displays in the holiday season or throughout the year in some of your favorite fragrances. Candy molds in seasonal and fun shapes work great, and come in a wide array of shapes. You can buy them at your local arts and craft stores, and even at some larger stores from time to time. Simply heat the wax in a double boiler (click here for more information) slowly until wax completely melts. Pour the wax into your candy molds and let harden. When they are done, you have cute decor accents for centerpieces and other accents around the home for your next party! Be sure to tell your guests when they arrive that although these accents definitely smell good, they are not food! Do not eat the wax! When the party is over, save them for next year, or use them in a warming pot to melt. NOTE: take precautionary measures when heating wax over a stove. Wax may catch fire.

Fire Starter Egg Carton

5.) Firestarters

Similar to topic #3, this idea can be used in your fireplace at home, or in a campfire outside! Save your empty egg cartons to make your own firestarter, similar to a starter log. Using a double boiler (click for info) slowly melt your wax. We recommend, though not required, putting a burnable paper product in the egg carton first. (PS, dryer lint works great too!) Pour your wax into the empty egg carton areas over the paper products, and let harden. When you’re ready for your cozy evening in front of the fireplace, or for that first campfire of the year outside, simply build your fire area with logs, break the carton up into sections, using one section at a time, light it, and place beneath. Within minutes you will have that fire you’ve been looking for, but with a familiar and welcoming fragrance!

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