Get Out The Funk! 5 Of Our Strongest Scents

Get Out The Funk!  5 Of Our Strongest Scents


A surprise phone call from old friends or distant family lets you know they happen to be in town and you’ve got about 20 minutes before they show up at your door! Your house is a mess, sink is full, laundry is out, and the place is in a situation that you wouldn’t dare let even your best friend see. WHAT DO WE DO NOW!!??!!


You run throughout your home faster than you’ve moved in years to get it presentable for company. You get the house picked up, throw the laundry in a basket and in the closet, quickly tackle the dishes, and then breathe a little easier. Then it hits you. Your house STINKS. Oh no!!


At Warm Glow Candle Company, we have a variety of products and fragrances. We have subtle varieties, powerful varieties, and in between varieties. Some candles provide a soft aroma that won’t overpower the room while others are quite powerful; ones you most certainly will notice as soon as you walk in the room. That’s what you’re looking for today! You need one of our heavy hitters, and you need it fast! The larger the candle, the faster the scent will penetrate the room.

For emergency funky-smell-masking operations like the scenario described above, we recommend keeping a 3-Wick Candle in one of the following scents available at all times.


Nutmeg and Cream Chutney

Nutmeg And Cream Chutney

This candle is perfect for that “wow, what are you baking” reaction. This scent is centered around fresh cream and nutmeg garnished with cinnamon.

Warm Glow Orange Cranberry

Orange Cranberry

This fragrance is one of our strongest, and one of our most favorite. Once the wrapper comes off this candle your room will almost instantly smell like the combination of fresh oranges with crisp cranberries. Perfect for any season, any time of year.

Warm Glow Evening Mocha

Evening Mocha

Interested in having your house smell like a local coffee shop? When you light this fragrance you have only minutes before your room is filled with the smell of rich, brewing hazelnut coffee with hints of caramel, and vanilla.

Warm Glow Mediterranean Waters

Mediterranean Waters

This is one of the newest in the Warm Glow family, and it is quickly becoming one of the highlights of our fragrances! Not only does it smell great, but it has a lovely teal blue color, too! This fresh citrus scent mixed with vanilla and lemon leaf is sure to be one of your favorites!

Warm Glow Homespun Harvest

Homespun Harvest

If you need a great scented candle that will get people talking, this is the one for you. This candle is cranberry scented, very fragrant, and really quite lovely. It’s rolled in rose hips for a very interesting look and feel.


It’s always hard narrowing down a list of items to just five. Whereas we felt the list above were the strongest, these also are very fragrant and will fill your room quite quickly. See our Scents page for more information:

  • Carrot Cake
  • Clove
  • Fruit Punch
  • Green Apple Orchard
  • Melon Splash
  • Northern Pine

In Summary, regardless what your need may be, we have an extensive list of fragrances to choose from. If you’re looking to mask the smell of something funky going on in your house, or just enjoy scents that throw a lovely warm fragrance in your room, these are your products.

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